Free software and bypass tool to bypass icloud activation lock screen on ios 8.4 8.3 8.2 and lower

The latest free software and tool which is used to bypass and remove activation lock screen can be downloaded from the link provided below.

PWN Bypass Method 

Windows user :

1 Download and install ip tools from link 

2 Download and install DNS Changer from link

2 Download and install PWN Bypasser from link .

4 Download and install UDID tool link

5 After installing all above software open PWN Bypasser , connect your device and then follow the video below

Mac user : Visit this link

Video tutorials :

Free software and bypass tool to bypass icloud activation lock screen on ios 8.4 8.3 8.2 and lower

iphone 7 and 7s icloud activation bypass

Iphone 7 and 7s is the latest iphones from Apple which has very good hardware and latest software . It has latest version of ios – the ios 10. Coming to the point if you’ve forget icloud password and you are stuck in activation screen, then you may be searching on google how to bypass icloud activation screen .

Well you can visit the website below to achieve this . Works on latest iphone 7 and 7s and all iphones and ipads .

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iphone 7 and 7s icloud activation bypass

Lighting Apps for iphone : And there was Light

Nowadays as load shedding is so rampant, Here is collection of iPhone Apps which can act as a Saviour when the lights go out.

QuickLight : A Simple Lighting App

Quicklight is considered to be one of the most user friendly and simple to use light-shedding app. Which justifies the fact there are not much of choices present in the App. There are 3 color options and one concert setting to bring the lighter up. You have to double tap the screen to get the setting screen.

App Store Link and its priced at $0.99

Crazy Lighter In Your iPhone

One app for the lighter lovers, and happens to be one of the cool looking apps. What makes it stand apart is that, it doesn’t show the source of light when you fire it up, so it will look like a flame coming directly out of your iPhone. And plus when you give the iPhone a shake, it will produce a cap opening sound of normal lighter, how cool is that :-)

App store Link and its priced at $0.99

Fire Up Your iPhone Using iBlackout

This is one hot looking app, why? because it can bring up flames on you iPhone screen. In iBlackout one can find multiple options to make most out of it. You have plain and colored flashlight, you can light a bulb, thunderstorm lightening and many many more. Once installed you will playing for a lot time with this.

App store link and its priced at $0.99


Using Mylite you can add a flashlight to your iPhone. It contains slider controls which lets you adjust the color of the light and its brightness.
In all there are nine effects to choose from, like:

• “Strobe”
Flash your myLite in the color and time interval you set.

• “Trippin’”
Flash through all the colors.

• “Rock Concert”
Shows a flame.

App store Link and its Free of any cost.

Lighting Apps for iphone : And there was Light

iPhone 6 and IOS 8 : The best combination of smartphone and OS

On this year’s WWDC Apple has spent a plenty of time for the iOS 8. Generally what we can say about iOS 8 is that is it won’t live a full and dramatic redesign , but in some way it will be followed and improved iOS 7. At the lattest WWDC there was no mention about iPhone 6, but as there were a lot of failures which can tell us that new smartphone arrives. And definetely we can say is that iOS 8 is ready for public release.

iPhone 6 and IOS 8 featured

What is characteristic for Apple, is that during the last few years new iPhones were mostly unveiled on Tuesday, and a new iOS updating a day later, respectively on Wednesday. And after all that the gadget is ready to be sold od Friday. Romours say thath the event is scheduled for 9th September, and a presentacion for iOS 8 on 10th September.

As for compatibility, Apple requires iPhone 4s or newer model, or iPad 2, or also newer model. Only the iPhone 4 is cut from the list, and nearly all other devices can update the new software.What is also very important is that all these devices are using Bluetooth 4.0 and low energy antenna that requires constant synchronization. So, iOS 5 beta 8 is actually available now, but it’s locked behind Apple’s iOS developer, which costs $ 99 per year. It is a small price to pay, but is not recommended for just ordinary Apple fans.And since it is still unfinished and will probably happen more alterations to the final relieve it is best to wait for it to stabilize and of course to take it for free.

What is also interesting is that all applications will be able to use the biometric scan home button instead of pesky passcodes. But the catch is that this refers only to the iPhone 5S, but it is likely that they were coming to iPhone 6, and Air Pad 2 and iPad 3 mini later this year. So, there won’t be a ‘forgot password’ anymore, and it becomes the past, because the pores on fingerprints are way more unique way of protection. What is known is that the iPhone camera is the most popular camera in the world, and most of the people are using it. And what is great about it is that the camera with iOS 8 will even getbetter.
What can be done with this camera allow users to capture extended moments and automatically speed up the video with a higher frame rate. As for the keyboard apple claims that iOS 8 is the best, actually the smartest keyboard ever. The candidate row appears above the keyboard with three word-finishing suggestions and thennext-word best guesses. Also, what is very interesting, if someone asks a question, Quicktype will automatically provide answers such as ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’.

iPhone 6 and IOS 8 : The best combination of smartphone and OS

iPhone 6 Camera : Best for photography

iPhone 6 Camera featuredWell, the iPhone 5s has an great camera with dual-tone flash which gives more natural colur reproduction, and of course we would like the same flash to stay for iPhone 6 or even to be better, but the circular cutout on the iPhone 6 bring all this into question.


As the iPHone 6 will have larger screen, therefore it will be bigger by itself. So according to that we could expect for megapixels to bump, as there is such space for Apple to play with. Some rumours about camera and expecialy about megapixels were a bit confusing. However in January China Post published thath the iPhone 6 won’t be bumping it’s megapixels count. Instead it will stay the same 8 MP as currently iPhone 5s. And the only thing that will be improved it’s optical image stabilisation (OIS). Optical mage stabilisation is already seen in smartphones such as incredible LG G2 and Nokia Lumia 1020. What is great about OIS is that will give owners of the iPhone 6 more detailed and sharper shots. But together with autofocus and the iPhones 5s’ exelent camera the iPhone 6s’ photos will probably be a disappointment.

One month after this rumour (thath the camera stay with 8 MP) some other rumour showed up. Apparently rumours say thath iPhone 6 will appear with 10MP camera. Also it’s said that iPhone 6 will land with an f/1.8 aperture lens – an great improvement over the iPhone 5s’ current f/2.2 lens.

Some rumours also say that new model of iPhone will get a new filter, created by Japanese manufacturer JSR. Filter it’s way better than existing IR filter. And it’s found in digital cameras with CMOS image sensors. Whats comes with this new filter is probably clearer shots and more vibrant colours.

iPhone 6 Camera : Best for photography

The way to resolve the iphone in which retains requesting ones iCloud sign in as well as security password

The actual iCloud sign in loop irritate can be the effect of a bad Wi-Fi network, as well as the easiest way to repair it truly is to help energy decrease the particular iphone as well as energy the idea back all over again. This kind of merely usually takes a few minutes, if the idea treatments the situation, it will eventually save a great deal of different troubleshooting. Comply with these kind of methods to modify your current iphone on and off all over again:

Carry decrease the particular Sleep/Wake option (on the particular the surface of the iphone, or maybe within the righthand aspect should it be the ‘Plus’ model) for around several just a few seconds until eventually Go For you to Power Away from seems.
Go the ability tattoo towards the suitable.
Delay 30 just a few seconds for your tv screen to visit totally dark.
Click the particular Sleep/Wake option to modify the device again in.

When the idea wakes way up, it will eventually have a whilst before beginning way up iCloud. You may well be demanded your current iCloud password, however as soon as it really is entered once more you need to be okay. a good iphone of which maintains seeking your current iCloud sign in as well as password

In the event that resetting your current iphone won’t repair, after that try deciding upon beyond iCloud and the government financial aid all over again. Comply with these kind of methods:

Available Options > iCloud.
Scroll decrease as well as faucet Sign Out.
Touch Sign Out.
Touch Delete via iphone.
Now faucet Sign in.
Type in your current Apple company company ID as well as Password.

Resetting iCloud may perhaps repair, however in the event it does not work after that, you can search to help copy as well as restore the particular iphone.

The way to resolve the iphone in which retains requesting ones iCloud sign in as well as security password

Latest icloud activation bypass software to disable find my iphone

The latest bypass software to remove icloud activation and disable find my iphone can be downloaded from

Doulci activator download link

The tool/software is completely free to download

Look video below



apple iphone keeps prompting to the pass word for the drastically wrong Apple company ID? It is just a reasonably widespread problem, particularly when you are grew up honing any pal’s system or even employed to discuss that. This is ways to get your own apple iphone in order to forget someone else’s Apple company ID, whether it is for iCloud, the Request Keep or even Find My good friend

Our apple iphone keeps trying for the pass word to the drastically wrong Apple company ID. May i create the apple iphone forget that ID and just keep in mind my very own?

No matter if your own apple iphone is just asking for someone else’s pass word, or even you might have grew up honing a good apple iphone together with someone else’s accounts, you’ll want to lose that unwanted Apple company ID in addition to work with your personal instead.

Your Apple company ID could be the current email address (often concluding throughout iCloud. com, but not necessarily) you use in order to wood in to the Request Keep along with Apple company products and services. The particular pass word could be the just one a person commonly get into when you need in order to down load a good app on the Request Keep. Yet it is useful for several products and services in addition to operates throughout iOS.

Latest icloud activation bypass software to disable find my iphone

Free and easiest way to bypass icloud lock screen activation for ios 9

The free solution is here to completely bypass icloud from your apple iphones ipods and ipads

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Fixing the company regarding consideration safety

Apple’s a reaction to the iCloud break seemed to be by the publication. Analyzing the desire to strengthen safety in addition to take back the trust the idea got misplaced, Apple company company explained out and about two-factor authentication (2FA) for everyone their on-line providers.

Still this particular got a lot greater significance in comparison with initial estimated.

Apple’s decision became to help symbolize far more than any knee-jerk a reaction to guarding user facts inside aftermath of your celeb scandal – it can be because got any lasting affect the technology in addition to safety sectors. Firms of most size in addition to size noticed Apple’s standing dive, at the same time quickly, on account of the conflict in addition to reacted to stop a similar destiny.

As risks by hacking, phishing, as well as other safety problems increase additional sophisticated, 2FA has developed into need intended for consideration authentication. Merchants, on-line storage vendors, in addition to internet sites are typical using 2FA because it can be currently extensively accepted that a uncomplicated details mixture is not enough to ensure safety, specifically inside aftermath of the Apple company company iCloud compromise.

This can be driven partly by the general ought to present an additional stratum regarding security for your frequently delicate info modern day people spot on-line, but additionally the overarching need to have internet sites to stop hurting a similar facts break towards one particular Apple company company lived with.

The reason 2FA?

With regards to guarding people by the most prevalent way of facts break – any ripped off email address or perhaps private data – 2FA supports the key. This operates by needing an exclusive one-time FLAG as well as a owner’s above mentioned information with the position regarding join. Naturally, two-factor authentication been around well before the iCloud scandal. Yet immediately after this type of key home name seemed to be reach by the compromise of the character, in addition to considered two-factor authentication because the most rational remedy, the idea has become the de facto typical since.

SMS-based two-factor authentication, for example, provides observed popular increase following the iCloud compromise, particularly with on-line providers which have a universal user foundation to protect. Besides is usually SMS-based 2FA rapid to help deploy, it’s a consumer-friendly way of bringing out extra consideration safety that involves small dysfunction whenever explained out and about. Additionally it is competent at used with virtually any cellphone and is also a lot more affordable intended for organizations to help bring in in comparison with substitute strategies. Just about all that is certainly essential is really a partnership using the proper messaging supplier – there is no dependence on pricey third-party equipment, similar to critical fobs.

Shoppers problem safety norms

However, although organizations were being rapid to help appreciate the use of 2FA following the occasions regarding last May, i thought this was just ever before one particular part of the challenge. To work as meant in addition to produce the specified final result buyers, also, had to purchase in the further safety rewards made available from 2FA. Thankfully, Apple’s safety break likewise got having a positive affect consumer viewpoints about facts level of privacy. This lifted consciousness amongst on-line in addition to cell phone people regarding the need for comprehensive safety measures to be able to shield the facts.

Consequently, several people are now anxious about becoming a member of the latest support, installing the software, or perhaps building a digital camera acquire without worrying about assurance the sensitive information are going to be held risk-free in addition to private. Still, despite this fresh problem over consideration safety, handful of are able to undertake virtually any further safety calculate of which influences the stream of the on-line in addition to cell phone providers these people employ. It’s really a paradox. Shoppers want it all – assurance of which the facts is usually risk-free without worrying about responsibility to protect the idea dropping on the shoulders. The significance placed on an individual experience, thus, provides typically brought towards increase regarding SMS-based 2FA. Competent at blending together straight into virtually any cell phone or perhaps on-line user experience, the TEXT MESSAGE tactic all but ensures consumer adopting regarding two-factor authentication.


Even though iCloud compromise presents a lot even bigger concerns over how much trust buyers put in place online business, there is any silver precious metal coating. Your iCloud compromise certainly not holders by itself – there were many facts breaches because – nevertheless it seemed to be any rotating position intended for on-line safety. This gone a considerable ways to help raising awareness of the significance intended for tough one safety measures, not only amongst organizations but additionally the people regarding on-line providers. A lot of have come you may anticipate further safety with regards to on-line accounts therefore, with 2FA staying the cornerstone of the.

Free and easiest way to bypass icloud lock screen activation for ios 9